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Hannah's House

Hannah’s House has opened to those women with children who, through difficulties in life, domestic violence, or poor choices, have found themselves with no place to live. We will provide a beautiful women's environment to lift each woman out of the ashes of broken dreams, broken promises, broken relationships, to the beauty of life in Christ Jesus. The home is intended to lift the ladies out of the muck and miry clay into the beauty of being God's finishing touch in creation.

The parameters set in place is to provide a place of safety and security that every woman needs. Beauty for Ashes will have at least 4 hours of classes, 4 hours of community service, and all classes and services are mandatory. The ministry does not allow narcotics of any kind (prescribed or over-the-counter) to be brought to the home. There are no cell phones, computers, laptops, or electronics for the first two months contingent upon review of active engagement into the program. There is no employment allowed until the full six-month program is completed. After four months the residents are allowed visitors from 2:00-5:00 PM on Sunday only. Only the parents, siblings, or spouse are allowed visitation. We have a "3 write-up" rule to allow for grace in bringing oneself into submission of the Word of God. 

Our Classes will always use the Biblical standard and include Undercover by John Bevere, Bait of Satan by John Bevere, Anger Management, Celebrate Recovery, Church History, Healing your Past, Women of the Bible, Leadership Training, and more. There will also be available: sewing, quilting, etiquette in today's world, and Dressing in Style Modestly.

The criteria for becoming a part of our home is as follows:

  1. Cannot be a Sex Offender
  2. Cannot be on a monitor
  3. Must be able to physically do work related training and community service
  4. Must be committed to change to seek first the Kingdom of God.
  5. Residents having children over the age of 13 must find other accommodations for teenagers. 

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