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About the Refuge

  The Refuge is a six month, three phase program. In the first phase, we focus on a closer walk with Jesus Christ and remove all distractions. The resident participates in 4 hours of community service and Bible-based classes on obedience, offence, anger management, and the healing of damaged emotions. Residents are allowed visitors during our Wednesday night service from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. On Sundays, should a visitor attend service, you can visit from 10:30AM to 5:00PM. If you do not wish to attend service, Sunday visitation is from 1:30PM-5:00PM.  No females may come to visitation unless there is proof of marriage or they are apart of the resident's immediate family; (No girlfriends).

    During Phase II, a resident has shown that their personal responsibility and spiritual maturity is growing so we allow them to have their electronics back during designated times. They can also take it upon themselves to take a day pass to visit with family and friends. They are also able to participate in day labor projects, Phase II's completion is entirely based upon a resident's continued growth and participation in the program.

   In the third and final phase, a resident is eligible to look for employment. Once he finds gainful employment, he can continue to live here and secure funds to find a place to live and purchase a vehicle.                     

    Once all these objectives are accomplished, and they feel confident leaving, then they have graduated the Brother 2 Brother program and can put the skills and practices they have learned here in use to succeed in the community.

    Please note our 3 disqualifiers: we cannot accept sex offenders, those with ankle monitors, or people who are not willing or are physically unable to work in a work training program.



Adam Jones

House Director/Pastor

Adam Jones is the house director of the Refuge and co-pastor of Shephard's Heart Church.