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About Redemption House

Our newest location is 20 miles south of Monroe, Louisiana. The ministry has partnered with Fully Awakened Ministries and the Free Methodist Church to house a maxiumum of 24 men.  The facility has a church on grounds, and the residents will be taught all classes similar to the Refuge and the concentration of community service will be on production of fundraising products and serving the community.  The house director, Jeff Sample, can be reached at 682-808-8651.  We welcome anyone who has been recently released from prison, anyone who is homeless, or anyone who is recovering from alcohol, or chemical addiction.  No females may come to visitation unless there is proof of marriage or they are apart of the resident's immediate family; (No girlfriends).  Please note our 3 disqualifiers: we cannot accept sex offenders, those with ankle monitors, or people who are not willing or are physically unable to work in a work training program.