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About Glory Acres

Cindy Bishop Ministries and Fully Awakened Ministries partnered to expand to Louisiana. Glory Acres is a gorgeous farm on 26 acres of property in central Louisiana.  Sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, pigs, and other livestock are raised to produce food for the facilities. The acreage is covered in beautiful pine trees, oaks, and cyprus trees for a tranquil, intimate time with God.  After chores, fishing is allowed on the 3 ponds.  Bible studies include Greek, Hebrew, Estachology, and in-depth Bible studies. This location is intended to encourage those who are drawn to full time ministry. No females may come to visitation unless there is proof of marriage or they are apart of the resident's immediate family; (No girlfriends).  The House Director, Carlo Reyna can be reached at 361-728-7361.  Please note our 3 disqualifiers: we cannot accept sex offenders, those with ankle monitors, or people who are not willing or are physically unable to work in a work training program.